Hot-Trax.Com Radio Hour

Hot Trax.Com Radio Show

Hot Trax.Com Radio Show

We are proud to present the HOT-TRAX.COM Radio Hour!

Showcasing the best new HOT TRAX on the planet!

Listen and enjoy the entire Radio Hour program featuring fresh new music narrated by your host Jessie James.

We are thrilled to deliver more new shows in the coming months from participating HOT-TRAX.COM artists!

Our #3 Radio Show  for Broadcast Features:

Autonomic – Are You Up For It?

Chaser Eight – Major and Minor

Lina Fouro – High

Keeton Coffman – The Hunted and The Hunter

Tim Meyers – Rainbow In Your Eyes

Allison Cherise – Fears

Netty Mac – The People Game

Cloud Hex – When

Dalal – Suddenly

Half Deezy –Tonight

Memphis Belle – Lashes

Nick Shaheen – State Song

Laura Cheadle – Be Myself

Ronny North – Into The Grey


Executive Producer Miss Kristin Pedderson

Hot-Trax.Com is the Radio Division of Big Fuss Records Inc.

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Music Directors Subscribe

Hot-Trax.Com is a growing popular choice, and Music Directors around the globe appreciate the pre-screening we offer.  If we don’t have great music to distribute, we don’t send!  Our goal is to be a huge help to Music Directors and never a hindrance.

Our contact list of over 3500 music directors and programmers worldwide, reach from as far as Alaska, to Afghanistan where United States DJ’s proudly serve our troops.

We are a “Green” Company and believe in the importance of contributing to a healthier environment. We believe that online digital delivery is the future of music delivery, and are proud to be forerunners for the truth!

If you are a radio station manager, a music director or program director, and are not yet included in our contact list, we invite you to get in touch today.  Email us now.

We are proud to be of service to you and thank you for your support.


At Hot-Trax.Com our reputation is built on great music.  We are proud of our respected artists and the music that we offer radio programmers around the world.  We invite you to submit your single or album today. We will review the music and and let you know if we can be of service to you. Email us is  you have any questions at any time.

~ The Hot-Trax.Com Staff

Welcome To Hot-Trax !

We are glad you are here and are providing a great way to deliver your music to radio programmers around the world!

How are we different?  When you sign up with to deliver your music to radio programmers, we send out a monthly email to our private and secure list of directors and radio contacts to introduce your single personally. We point the music directors and program directors to a private password protected web page where they may securely download your album or single for broadcast.

We do not promise airplay, but we do promise reputable delivery!